[b-hebrew] shewa following conjunctive waw

Jason Hare jason at hareplay.com
Sun Jan 25 22:56:31 EST 2004

I have to agree with George (gfsomsel). I think it is indeed vocal. The
shurek is a long vowel, so it would indicate that it is NOT a closed
syllable. Remember the general rule in an unaccented syllable: open - long;
closed - short. Those are connected. So, the shva goes with the following
syllable (since it is not its own full vowel). However, in regular speech, I
would say that it is not pronounced (as most appearances of shva as the
initial letter of a consonant cluster is not--in the Sefardic normative,

Best regards,
Jason Hare
Missouri Southern State University-Joplin

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