[b-hebrew] Re: Hebrew transliteration (Lance Petersen)

Bill Rea bsr15 at cantsl.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jan 21 15:30:13 EST 2004

Lance wrote:-

>Why should I buy a book when I can put a whole library (and a rather
>large one, at that!) into a smaller space than the book would take?

Maybe not buy, but certainly you should use a book or print the portions
from your electronic library if you wish to study effectively. Numerous
studies have shown that humans comprehend text far better when it is on
paper rather than on a computer screen. I write for a hobby and when it
comes to finding and fixing the small problems in an article or poem,
nothing beats printing it out, sitting down at a desk with a pen or pencil
and going through it.

On a mailing list like this it would be useful to be able to see the
Hebrew in question because we are usually talking about small pieces.
But if you want to read anything more than a few verses I expect you'll
want it on paper.

>what is certain is the digital form is going to replace all the

There is nothing certain about this at all. What the ``digital
revolution'' is doing is moving the place of printing from large
centralized facilities to the end users.

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