[b-hebrew] Hebrew transliteration

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Jan 21 05:52:56 EST 2004

On 21/01/2004 02:41, Trevor Peterson wrote:

>... I might personally disagree, but I think there is something to his argument, that a user can sometimes benefit to a certain degree from seeing Ethiopic evidence in transliteration without knowing Ethiopic. But my point here is that there are many situations where it still makes the most sense to transliterate. ...
Trevor, now it is you confusing different things. I might think that in 
a particular work for a particular audience it is better to 
transliterate. But such things should be the editors' decision. They 
should not be forced to transliterate because technology does not 
support mixed scripts. If they are, computer technology is taking us 
backwards from the multi-script support which worked in the hot metal 
era e.g. in BDB.

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