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On 20/01/2004 12:55, Jason Hare wrote:

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>I just opened my siddur (Siddur Qol Ya'akov -- Artscroll) and found the
>first appearance of the Rafe over a letter. Its first appearance is on page
>2 in the beginning of the atifat talit (donning of the tallis).
>"Bar'chi nafshi et haShem, haShem elokai gadalta me'od, hod v'hadar
>lavashta. Oter or casalmah, noteh shamayim kayriah."
>The rafe appears over the resh of "bar'chi" to indicate that it is NOT
>borchi (with a closed first syllable and a silent shva). What it represents
>is that we have bar'chi (long vowel kamets, with a vocal shva and aspirated
This is a quote from Psalm 104:1-2. It is interesting that in BHS there 
is a hataf patah in place of the sheva here (also in 103:1,2) which has 
the same disambiguating effect. But no rafe. In the L codex there is 
also no rafe on the resh (although there is rafe on the kaf according to 
normal practice), but interestingly enough there is a simple sheva in 
103:2, and in 103:1 and 104:1 it looks like there is a simple sheva and 
also, quite separately and a little higher up so just inside the body of 
the resh, a horizontal line which looks like patah or rafe, and which 
also looks a bit like an afterthought. Is this perhaps not really a 
hataf patah but some other mark?

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