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Sorry, I can’t help you much. I am not a scholar with access to a lot of different dictionaries that scholars have written, rather all I’ve done is to read Tanakh a few times over the last several years. The dictionary I use is one that I wrote myself. I know what went into the production thereof, and I find it generally more trustworthy than the dictionaries I have seen written by others. However, I consider it still a work in progress. It is keyed to the Online Bible unpointed text that works far better on the Macintosh than it does on Windows. (It’s wierd, a Macintosh of 15 years ago, like a Mac SE, shows up the Hebrew text for Online Bible better than the latest version of Windows.)

Many years ago, I got a copy of the Lisowsky concordance to the Hebrew Old Testament. In general I found that his definitions were more to the point and more accurate than Gesenius/BDB, though his main purpose was to indicate the places where words are found in Tanakh. Lisowsky, however, was a German, and a few times I found that his German definition was correct, while he had chosen the wrong word from his dictionary to indicate the English definition. Another weakness of Lisowsky’s is that he generally did not give frequencies for other than nouns and verbs.

Yours, Karl W. Randolph.

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> Karl,
> What Hebrew dictionary(ies) would you recommend for the most concise yet
> accurate definitions? Thanks.
> Blessings,
> Al Cantley
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