[b-hebrew] Hebrew transliteration

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Jan 19 15:46:03 EST 2004

On 19/01/2004 12:26, Trevor Peterson wrote:

> ...
>>If it is 
>>voiced, how can I decide whether sheva is voiced or not in 
>>any word of 
>>this pattern?
>You would have to know whether the consonant should be lengthened. If
>it's a verbal inflection, you would know based on parsing. Even if it's
>not, you could generally tell by the preceding vowel.
I am sure that if there had been a real pronunciation distinction here 
the Masoretes would have found a way to indicate it. All this 
half-lengthening stuff sounds like 19th century German 
over-classification (and it does come from Gesenius).

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