[b-hebrew] HBL in extrabiblical literature

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Wed Jan 14 11:05:14 EST 2004

If anyone else has answered this question privately, I would be interested
to know what resources were recommended. It seems that Accordance is still
way ahead of the competition for questions like this (I'd love to be wrong;
I'm not a Mac user).

For print resources, I would think Sheffield Dictionary of Classical Hebrew
would be one of the first places to look for non-biblical usage of HBL. It
covers three corpora besides the Bible: (1) Dead Sea Scrolls, (2)
Inscriptions up to 200BCE, and (3) Ben Sira. To these you want to add (4)
the Mishnah. HALOT also covers Ben Sira and DSS.

As for electronic texts,
(1) Accordance and Logos.
(2) Accordance (early inscriptions, at least).
(3) CCAT
(4), Accordance (Scholar's Pack 5) or
http://www9.cc.huji.ac.il/snunit/kodesh/mishna/ or
http://www.mechon-mamre.org/searchfh.htm (select M$NH TWRH from the
drop-down box).

(1) 1QS 5:19; 1QM 4:12; 6:6; 9:9; 11:9; 14:12; 1QHa 15:32; f48:3; 4Q184
f1:1; 4Q206 f1xxii:8; 4Q256 9:12; 4Q258 1:10; 4Q267 f4:11; 4Q299 f64:3;
4Q432 f12:3; 4Q491 f8_10i:10; 4Q496 f15:5; 4Q511 f15:5; 11Q10 26:8; 11Q12

(2) Gogel lists no instances.

(3) 41:11; 49:2

(4) mechon-mamre yields 7 hits.

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> Does anyone have resources to produce a list of occurrences 
> of the root HBL 
> (whether verbal or nominal) outside the Bible? I am mostly 
> interested in 
> Mishna and earlier literature.

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