[b-hebrew] Does the Dead Sea Scroll, 4QDeut q, match the LXX Quotation of Deuteronomy 32:43?

Philip Engmann phil-eng at ighmail.com
Sun Feb 29 20:37:20 EST 2004

1. According to Rick Grant Jones,[1] the Dead Sea Scroll 4QDeut q
contains a clause similar to that present in the LXX:  "Rejoice, O
heavens, together with him; and bow down to him all you gods, for he
will avenge the blood of his sons ..."
2. According to the BHS, the Dead Sea Scroll 4QDeut q offers
alternatives, 'whshthww lo (cl) elohim' or[2] 'bny xl'. Does this mean
that 4QDeut q is unclear as to the text it contains for Deut 32:43?
3. Majority of commentators state that the 4QDeut q text matches the
LXX. Perhaps Peter's comments below are more accurate than the majority
of commentators on this verse.
Philip Engmann
...As the BHS margin cannot supply the full DSS Hebrew text but offers 
alternatives, that seems to suggest that the DSS text is fragmentary, 
indicating that there is some text here which is not in MT but giving no

detailed support for the LXX reading...
Peter Kirk
peter at qaya.org (personal)
peterkirk at qaya.org (work)


[2] Thanks for showing  me that "vel" is latin for "or"

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