[b-hebrew] resources for learning Paleo-Hebrew?

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Feb 23 18:52:52 EST 2004

On 23/02/2004 13:58, Karl Randolph wrote:

>One of the reasons that I recommended the Online Bible BHS is because it is coded as an unpointed text. Therefore, searches using an unpointed search field are supported. It is not perfect.
>Do the texts you recommend support unpointed searches? ...

Texts don't support anything. I have software which supports unpointed 

>... Do they allow default unpointed viewing? ...

No, but why would I want to do that? I have already pointed out to you 
some of the serious errors you have fallen into by reading the unpointed 

>... If the answer is yes to both, then there is no advantage to getting Online Bible and a Macintosh. If no to either, then a Macintosh, especially if one can get it free, even for only Bible studies, is worth it.
>I use a Macintosh anyways so I do not have to worry about virii and worms while opening my email or surfing the web, as well as other tasks.

That's a quite different issue. If you run Linux on a PC you are just as 
safe from viruses and worms.

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