[b-hebrew] Isaiah 9:5 Wonderful Counselor

Charles Rempel CharlesR at mygalaxyexpress.com
Fri Dec 31 10:14:31 EST 2004

After reading all of the "wonderful" postings which cause the cerebral
juices to flow, I would like to make the following observations for comment.

First the noun form of "pele" appears in 6 verses and is translated as
"wonders" in every one except this one. It appears with the verb "asah" in
every passage except this. In every passage it refers to God. May I suggest
that using the concept of elipsis we might translate this "Wonder Worker"
using the nominal sense. Thus, while the concepts of the verse might lend
themselves to either the double triplet, or the triple doublet, the concept
appears more realistically to give six ascriptive qualities to "the name."

While the adjectival use as illustrated in Judges 13:8 makes for easier
translation into English and syntactically does not alter the meaning in any
way it is better to stick with the nominal. May it be noted that in teaching
the passage I would footnote Judges 13:8 as being of theological
significance in the meaning of this characteristic.

(These observations were made by others to some degree in previous posts, so
while they do not originate entirely with me, the conclusions are my own.)

Charles D. Rempel
26 year intermittent student
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