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"Maurice A. O'Sullivan" <mauros at iol.ie> wrote:At 16:28 30/12/2004, Uri Hurwitz wrote:
participles are nouns:  e.g. hu yoshev  -- he is (in a state of) sitting.

Bad example to choose, Uri: have a look at this definition from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary ( 11th. edition 2004 }

>>  participle: a word formed from a verb (e.g. going, gone, being, been) and  used  as  an
adjective or noun (as in burnt  toast,  good  breeding)  or  used  to  make compound verb forms (is going, has been).

  UH: strange,  in  my Concise  Oxford Dictionary  (admittedly much older than 2004) the definiton of participle reads :" n. Verbal adjective  qualifying noun but retaining some properties of verb, e.g. tense and government of object."

   Thus clear emphasis here for noun. As for BH, which, after all is the subject of the discussion, another example:

    Naarah Yafah   -- a girl (in a state of) beauty; in more idiomatic English -- a beautiful girl.



"When you know a thing, to hold that you know it, and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it: This is knowledge."
Confucius. --- Well, yes, but there must be one or more definitions of knowledge that Confucius would have accepted?

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