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This is not an easy passage to translate, largely because of the philosophical pronouncements that have been added over the ages.

PL) noun, meaning something that is beyond reach, a miracle
YW(C participle, can be read either as a noun or adjective
)L noun
GBWR participle, usually used as a noun though occasionally as an adjective
)BY (D two nouns, “father of time”
&R $LWM “prince of fulness”

The last two line are not questioned, so I don’t need to go into them further.

Are the first four lines above a series of four nouns, each to be separated by a comma in English, making this a description of two triplets interspaced in each other, or is this a group of four doublets? Seeing as three seems to have been an important number in Tanakh, would this not be an argument for the two intersperced triplets: miraculous, human, miraculous, human, miraculous, human? Thus the translation would be “Miracle, counsellor, God, strong hero, Father of time, prince of fulness”? And if the above were read as two nouns followed by adjectives, the second “mighty God” is no problem, but how would one translate the first pair, a “counselling miracle”? Personally, I find understanding it as two sets of interspersed triplets makes more sense and seems to fit the Biblical pattern more closely.

Any thoughts?

Karl W. Randolph.

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> The words for Wonderful Counselor in Isaiah 9:6 are translated without a
> comma in the NASB and with a comma in KJV. I haven't learned the conventions
> for writing Hebrew here, so I'll just say that the word for Wonderful is a
> common noun masculine singular and the the word for counselor is Qal
> participle masculine singular. I know that th Qal participle is used in a
> nominative sense and so could be translatd as a separate characteristic of
> Christ. Is there anything which would contribute to translating one way or
> the other?
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