[b-hebrew] Isaiah 9:6 Wonderful Counselor

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Thu Dec 30 12:04:01 EST 2004

At 16:28 30/12/2004, Uri Hurwitz wrote:

>participles are nouns:  e.g. hu yoshev  -- he is (in a state of) sitting.

Bad example to choose, Uri: have a look at this definition from the Concise 
Oxford English Dictionary ( 11th. edition 2004 }

 >>  participle: a word formed from a verb (e.g. going, gone, being, been) 
and  used  as  an
adjective or noun (as in burnt  toast,  good  breeding)  or  used  to  make 
compound verb forms (is going, has been).

And as for Biblical Hebrew,  the several authors of A Biblical Hebrew 
Reference Grammar (electronic ed.) (Page 71) state:

 >> In BH the participle is a verbal adjective that functions as a verb, 
noun or adjective.<<

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