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At 10:13 AM 12/30/2004, you wrote:
>The words for Wonderful Counselor in Isaiah 9:6 are translated without a
>comma in the NASB and with a comma in KJV. I haven't learned the conventions
>for writing Hebrew here, so I'll just say that the word for Wonderful is a
>common noun masculine singular and the the word for counselor is Qal
>participle masculine singular. I know that th Qal participle is used in a
>nominative sense and so could be translatd as a separate characteristic of
>Christ. Is there anything which would contribute to translating one way or
>the other?

First, its 9:5 in Hebrew.
The first word- pele- is a simple masculine singular (segholate) noun. = 
"wonder, marvel"
the second- the verb yoetz- is a qal masc. singular participle. = "to 
advise, counsel"

the LXX has "messenger of mighty counsel"
the Targum has "wonderful counselor"
the Vulgate has "Admirabilis, consiliarus" (and hence is the origin of the 
common contained in the KJV)

The simple, straightforward exposition (translation) of the phrase in 
hebrew is "marvelous advisor" or the more common "wonderful counselor".

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I thought it was 30 years?



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