[b-hebrew] Proverbs 5:16 - a declaration or a question ?

Heard, Christopher Christopher.Heard at pepperdine.edu
Mon Dec 27 02:43:16 EST 2004

On 12/26/04 3:41 PM, "Maurice A. O'Sullivan" <mauros at iol.ie> wrote:
>   " The Hebrew text can be read as a question or as a statement of
> consequence, and HOTTP accepts both as ways to understand the first line.
> "  Reyburn, W. D., & Fry, E. M. (2000). A handbook on Proverbs. UBS
> handbook series;
> As HOTTP = Hebrew Old Testament Text Project, an international team of
> scholars preparing BH Quinta, this view deserves consideration at the very
> least, don't you think?

Well ... maybe, if we knew what the reasons were, but not simply by
invocation of authority. Do you happen to know the rationale for treating
the line as a question? With those arguments in hand we could bounce them
off Bryan's grammatico-syntactical observations.


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