[b-hebrew] Proverbs 5:16 - a declaration or a question ?

Schmuel schmuel at escape.com
Sun Dec 26 17:49:01 EST 2004

Hi b-hebrew,

Proverbs 5:16 (KJB)
Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad, and rivers of waters in the streets. 

   Just an addition to the previous. Gill also says that Rashi applies the verse to disciples.  

   And upon more careful examination, it appears that their may be a poetic parallelism
involved where verses 15 and 16 are in parallel with 17 and 18.  A parallelism that does 
not exist in the modern translations that have the "?" alternative rendering.  I would be 
interested in our scholar's viewpoints.

    Thanks so much fellas and ladies.  Appreciate this excellent forum.

Steven Avery
Queens, NY

schmuel at escape.com

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