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>So I conclude that there is a real possibility that Ezekiel was at this 
>point using RO)$ as the name of an area or an ethnic group, parallel to 
>Meshech and Tubal, and that the modern name Russia is derived from this 
>place name Rosh - and even that the modern Russians are at least in part 
>descended from the people of the Rosh referred to by Ezekiel.

rosh can also mean "spring, fountain".  so if we adopt the logic peter 
exhibits we must conclude that rosh is the hebrew word for springfield and 
hence the bible predicts the settlement of a town in missouri.

of course this is a false etymology.  as is peter's.  similarity of sound 
does not mean similarity.  in spanish the word embarasado does not mean 
embarrassed- it means pregnant.  i can be embarrassed- but i am 
biologically incapable of being pregnant- unless you adopt the fallacy 
illuminated here- the etymological fallacy.

beware the etymology fallacy.


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