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I have read Hal Lindsey's book (actually, not his, it was written by a ghost writer whose name I have fogotten) and I disagree with it in so many ways that I do not consider it trustworthy.

In Ezekiel 38:2-3 and 39:1, R)$ is in the middle of what appears to be a list of names, in the same manner as some of its allies are listed in 38:5-6. While the word R)$ normally refers to "head" or "first", that does not rule out its use as a transliterated name. Contextually, its use here does not seem to fit its normal use, rather it seems to be a transliterated name.

The present name Russia is from about 1000 years ago, as the name of bloodthirsty Vikings who took over what is now European Russia and set up the kingdom of the Rus, so if Ezekiel was naming a people known in his day, it could not refer to modern Russia.

On the other hand, if he referred to a people not known in his day but mentioned prophetically, there is no grammatical reason to say that R)$ (which was possibly pronounced as "Ro)aSe" in that day, not far different from the modern "Rossya") cannot refer to Russia. There is no grammatical reason why it should either. The main objection is philosophical.

Further details are found in 38:15-16 that this is in the latter days and that GWG, of which R)$ is a part, is in the far reaches of the north. Now there are three ways to read this passage: 1) this is completely fictional referring to events that never happened and never will happen, but an interesting and/or meaningful story nonetheless, 2) this refers to an event that has already happened and we can recognize the players in the story and 3) this is an example of God's prophetic ability to tell about events far in the future. As members of b-hebrew, it is not our place to command which interpretation to accept, in fact there may be other ways of interpreting this passage that I missed, rather just to describe the linguistic structure of the story.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> What are B-Hebrew subscribers' ideas on grammatical possibility for "RO)SH"
> equalling Russia? I'll withhold comment until I have had the chance to hear
> others' uninfluenced answers.

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