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> No, I can't tell you. But if you remember, I suggested that Moses, or 
> whoever wrote Genesis, was using sources, either written or oral 
> tradition. The oral tradition at least may go way back, even to Adam if 
> you like.

Peter, I am well aware of the Targums (oral tradition).  Targums give Adam 
credit for part, and Seth for part. And the book passed to Lemach.  Targums say 
that only God and Lemach called Noah, Noah.  So the is evidence here that 
points to Lemach as keeping a diary in Genesis.  From Lemach to Shem.  Shem and 
Eber started a school.  Somewhere it made its way to Moses.  If you 
chronologically constructed a time line from Genesis you would find Adam could have sit 
around a fire and taught many of the kids(<:~

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