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Let's remember that Santa is keeping track of who is naughty and nice, and 
certain folk on our list are not being nice!  ;-)

Seriously, I am calling for an end to the thread on the authorship of Bible 
books.  We may pick it up at a later date, but right now we are spinning our 
wheels and reaching beyond our list mission and our list nettiquette, which 
is available at http://www.ibiblio.org/bhebrew/ If you care to get back on 
Santa's good side you may read it.

Please, folks, I want to have a little family time tonight and tomorrow. 
Drop the heat and drop the topic.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bryan Rocine
b-hebrew co-chair

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> Jim West Wrote:
>> I dont have to prove they exist.  The person who does believe they exist
>> bears the burden of proof.
>> Jim
> Dear Jim,
> Perhaps you'd like to offer some proof that Jesus existed?
> Merry Christmas,
> Liz Fried
> Ann Arbor,
> lizfried at umich.edu
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