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Can we cool this discussion?

For the record, I believe that the authors listed were the authors of record. That is a matter of faith, as in order to prove it, one would need to find the original autographs which, we all would agree, is very, very, very unlikely given the perishable materials they were written on and the time span involved.  To disprove the authorship claims, one would need to find contemporary documents contesting the authorship claims and/or the existance of the perported authors. Again, such a find is very, very, very unlikely for the reasons given above. Even the find of corrobating material is very unlikely.

Given the above, arguing the question of authorship is not profitable, as such can never come to a conclusion.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Peter Kirk" <peterkirk at qaya.org>
> On 24/12/2004 15:58, Jim West wrote:
> > ... But again, this is a bit far afield for this list.  Currently 
> > we are discussing authorship.  Now it is your task to demonstrate 
> > a) that the Hebrew Bible names authors ...
> I have already demonstrated this.
> > ... and b) that those putative authors / biblical characters existed.
> No. My claim is simply that there are authorship claims within the 
> Hebrew Bible, something which you denied. I am not making any claim 
> that the authorship claims are true, although others are doing so. 
> The next step is to examine the truth of these claims in a neutral 
> scholarly manner. But of course you are unable to do so because you 
> are a priori bound by your Doctrinal Statement to accept any such 
> claims as "truth, without any mixture of error". No wonder, I 
> suppose, that you are reluctant to accept the existence of such 
> claims, since if they are true they imply that the author existed.
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