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To be consistant, he doesn't need Jesus to be a historical character, at least not the Jesus of the New Testament.

But what makes me and other people question is how he can be a prof at a school that from its doctrinal statement implies that it accepts all these personages as historical figures, and he denies it. Furthermore, the text, as it stands (as originally penned or later redacted, can't tell), claims that these people existed in history.

Whether one accepts (believes) the text or not is a different question from what the text itself claims. The second question is a subject of b-hebrew, the first I think should be off the table.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Lisbeth S. Fried" <lizfried at umich.edu>> 
> Jim West wrote:
> >
> > as to Nehemiah- he's as fictional as Moses and Abraham; and fictional
> > people don't write books, they are the subject of them.
> and why not add Jesus to the list of fictional people who are the subject of
> books?
> Oh, yes, I know, you *need* to have Jesus be historical, but since you don't
> need anyone else, we can dispense with them all.
> Liz Fried
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