[b-hebrew] logograms--an ode to Hebrew

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 24 11:34:05 EST 2004

Jack Kilmon <jkilmon at historian.net> wrote inter alia:

 ..."The existing 
evidence and lack of evidence strongly suggests Moses and the Exodus as a 
pious fiction, or at most a gross exaggeration, constructed in the 8th-7th 
centuries BCE (IMO, under Josiah) to give "history" to the group. "....
  Yes, this is  point of view is fashionable in some circles, e.g. Finkelstein. But I don't think that opposoite views, especially if held by established egyptologists like Kitchen and Hoffmeier can be dismissed so easily, without a point by popint refutation of their arguments.
  In my opinion these early periods in Israel's period, as reflected in biblical narratives should be taken seriously , but only as an Outline History, or what is called in German Rahmen Geschichte, or proto-history by A. Malamat.
  Season's Greetings, and, as you sometimes say, Shlama

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