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On 24/12/2004 15:58, Jim West wrote:

> ...
> You apparently have a very odd view of what inspiration is.  The 
> school statement says nothing about the heretical doctrine of verbal 
> plenary inspiration. ...

Nor did I. But, Jim, if the Bible is "truth, without any mixture of 
error", do you accept the truth of the statements "she became pregnant 
and gave birth to a son" and "She named him Moses" in Exodus 2:1,10, or 
do you consider them to be in error because Moses did not exist?

> ... But again, this is a bit far afield for this list.  Currently we 
> are discussing authorship.  Now it is your task to demonstrate a) that 
> the Hebrew Bible names authors ...

I have already demonstrated this.

> ... and b) that those putative authors / biblical characters existed.

No. My claim is simply that there are authorship claims within the 
Hebrew Bible, something which you denied. I am not making any claim that 
the authorship claims are true, although others are doing so. The next 
step is to examine the truth of these claims in a neutral scholarly 
manner. But of course you are unable to do so because you are a priori 
bound by your Doctrinal Statement to accept any such claims as "truth, 
without any mixture of error". No wonder, I suppose, that you are 
reluctant to accept the existence of such claims, since if they are true 
they imply that the author existed.

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