[b-hebrew] logograms--an ode to Hebrew

Jim West jwest at highland.net
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At 07:28 AM 12/24/2004, you wrote:
>Jim West wrote:
>>I think what some are missing is the simple fact that the books of the 
>>Hebrew Bible NEVER claim authorship by anyone!  Anywhere!  The 
>>superscriptions are centuries later.

The Proverbs of Solomon--- indeed- many of the sayings of Solomon are 
"included" in the book- but do you actually think he sat down and wrote 
them out?  It seems that, at best, what we can say here is that certain 
sayings are attributed to him.

>Song of Songs

Really?  What verse?

>and Qohelet

And who is this person?

>_do_ claim authorship by someone --

all- again- anonymous.

Best to you - and watch out for the Police in their Lamborghini's!


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