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> ...
> I just have to say something here.  Like you folks, I have always 
> heard that Moses wrote Genesis, but if Moses did so, how come he wrote 
> two great light instead calling them by name, the sun and moon.  Moses 
> knew their names but apparently the writer didn't know.  It must have 
> been written by Adam prior to given them their names.  Genesis 15:12 
> is the first time "sun" is used, and in connection with Abram.  Why then?
> I'm hoping Capt. Kirk can tell me(<:~
No, I can't tell you. But if you remember, I suggested that Moses, or 
whoever wrote Genesis, was using sources, either written or oral 
tradition. The oral tradition at least may go way back, even to Adam if 
you like.

Peter Kirk
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