[b-hebrew] logograms--an ode to Hebrew

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> huh?  Now where do you get the notion that Adam wrote anything?  It most 
> certainly is not from the Hebrew Bible.  So whence comes this notion?  For 
> suggesting on a number of occasions that you only know what scripture tells 
> you, you sure seem privy to information not known to anyone else.
> Best
> Jim

Jim, I didn't say Adam wrote Genesis, you're reading into it.  What I said 
is, it must have been Adam before he name them.  Who else was around before the 
two great lights were names.  Oh!, Maybe Eve (<:~ or did she come after their 
naming.  Maybe the notion came from process of elimination.  This is going to 
be like "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  Now, Jim, don't you think 
Moses knew the names of the sun and the moon, so why did he write "the two 
great lights"?

Doug Pickrel
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, TX 

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