[b-hebrew] logograms--an ode to Hebrew

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> The tradition that Moses wrote Genesis is certainly an ancient one. I 
> don't know how ancient, can anyone tell us? It is implicit but not 
> explicit in the New Testament. And I agree that it is not in the text of 
> the book itself.

Hello Capt. Kirk,

I just have to say something here.  Like you folks, I have always heard that 
Moses wrote Genesis, but if Moses did so, how come he wrote two great light 
instead calling them by name, the sun and moon.  Moses knew their names but 
apparently the writer didn't know.  It must have been written by Adam prior to 
given them their names.  Genesis 15:12 is the first time "sun" is used, and in 
connection with Abram.  Why then?
I'm hoping Capt. Kirk can tell me(<:~

Doug Pickrel
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, TX

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