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What about Acts 15:1 and 5, 21:21, and John 7:22-23 where the laws connected with circumcism are attributed to Moses, yet they were given to Abraham, as mentioned in Genesis?

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> There is no direct biblical basis for the claim that Moses wrote Genesis.
> Nor can Christians appeal to the New Testament, since Moses is never
> referred to as the source or author of Genesis, although he is associated
> with the rest of the Torah (Ex - Dt) by Jesus, the Evangelists, and Paul.
> We cannot infer Mosaic authorship from such passages as the people's
> request to hear the "document of the teaching of Moses" (Ne 8.1; later
> called "the teaching of God" (Ne 8.8)), since the response of the Levites
> and people suggests that they were reading Lv 23, and since it is unlikely
> that they would have had or used scrolls as large as the entire Torah
> (*if* modern Torah-scrolls are any guide to size).
> It seems that Genesis, like Joshua - 2 Kings and other works, is thus
> anonymous, connected to Moses due (at least in part) to the rabbinic
> requirement that biblical books be written by prophets, an ascription that
> was then accepted by the early Church.
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