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> >Third, Derida says that the written word preceded the spoken. I never
> >understood this tho, but maybe you do.
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> Does he really say this? Even though all the evidence and every linguist
> says precisely the opposite? Does he really mean that all the tribal
> peoples who had no concept of writing until recent western contact, but
> who could all speak perfectly well, had once been literate but had
> entirely forgotten about writing?
> Or is he speaking in some kind of riddle?

Hi Peter,
I think he was reacting against GJohn 1:1 and giving priority to
the torah as written word rather than as in GJohn 1:1 which (I think)
gives priority to the spoken word.
But I really have no idea. And if Derrida hadn't been Jewish, I wouldn't
have thought of this at all.
I don't remember the context in which I read this either. 
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