[b-hebrew] logograms--an ode to Hebrew

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On 23/12/2004 16:20, Heard, Christopher wrote:

>... If anything, the
>presence of anachronisms in the text (e.g., place-names not otherwise
>demonstrably in use until the Iron Age, references to kings of Edom and
>Israel, etc.) indicates that the book of Genesis is much _younger_ than its
>contents and even than Moses.
>... If Moses "updated" older documents
>to "the Hebrew of his day," he overshot the mark and "updated" them to Iron
>II Hebrew. ...

All of this is simply evidence that Genesis has undergone some kind of 
redaction or editing since Moses' time. None of it is evidence against 
the hypothesis that the text as we have it is substantially as written 
by Moses, with some updating of the language and of place names.

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