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Thanks Marianne,

I have read that the Egyptians used to burn red-haired men and cattle and
scatter their ashes at the grave of Osiris. However, the sources cited were
Diodorus and Herodotus, not Egyptian. If you have any real Egyptian
references I'd be grateful.

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> > All very intersting, but my question was, why the translators took such
> > general term as "cow" and translated it as the more narrow "heifer". Did
> > they have any reason to think that this particular cow was special in
> > way, besides its color?
> It seems to me that the red cow was something left over from the pagan
> religion of the Canaanites.  I recall that a certain goddess was called
"the red cow
> of Baal", perhaps Baalath, herself,  but I would have to check that.
> Unfortunately, I am leaving on vacation today and don't have much time--
but I
> remember thinking of the "red heifer" when I read this about the goddess.
> deities, BTW, were also worshipped in the north of Egypt.  Anyway, the
color of
> the cow seems to have had some significance.
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