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Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at beitberl.ac.il
Thu Dec 23 01:15:02 EST 2004

Interesting discussion on the virginity of Red Heiffers.

Can anybody cite ancient sources (rabbinic) requiring this?

Juan Stam, Universidad Nacional, San José Costa Rica

I can give you some Midrashic sources on the red heifer: Numbers Rabbah (Vilna) 19; Pesikta Rabbati, ed. Ish-Shalom, 14; Tanhuma Buber, Huqqat, 19; Yalkut Shimoni, Huqqat,Par. 759; Pesikta d'Rav Kahana,Vol. 1, ed. Mandelbaum, NY  1962, p. 74.
On the Rabbinic views in general, see E. E. Urbach, Haza"l – Beliefs and Viewpoints, Jerusalem 1976, pp. 329-334 [Hebrew];N. Goldstein, Studies in Rabbinic Thought on the Temple Service etc., Ph.D. Dissertation, Hebrew University, Jerusalem,1977, pp. 54-108 [Hebrew].
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