[b-hebrew] Genesis 3:15 and order of ideas

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>Jim, I must agree with George in as much as Hebrews has Paul's signature at 
>the end as he does in all his letter.  Paul wrote,  2 Thess 3:17&18, I, Paul, 
>write this greeting with my own hand, and this is a distinguishing mark in 
>every letter; this is the way I write...."  You do the math.   This same mark is 
>found at the conclusion of Hebrews.
Hold on. Do you mean that you have the original manuscript of Hebrews 
with Paul's mark? Or are you claiming that some of the wording of the 
ending of Hebrews is the same as that of all of Paul's letters? Well, 
the ending of Hebrews shares with that of each of Paul's letters the 
word "grace", CARIS, as a wish for the recipients. But this was hardly 
Paul's personal mark because it is standard wording of Hellenistic 
letters - although perhaps given broader content in the genuine Pauline 

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