[b-hebrew] Genesis 3:15 and order of ideas

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>I only know what Scripture says,

Ok- if that is so, and the Scriptures do not say "God told them to do it on 
the 8th day because he knew they would bleed to death if they did it on the 
6th or 7th" then how can you posit such a notion as a reason for 8th day 

>and Gen. 17:11-12 is where God gives the instructions to circumcise on 
>the  eighth day,  "You must circumcise the flesh of your foreskin, and 
>that will be the sign of the covenant between myself and you.  As soon as 
>he is eight days old, every one of your males, generation after 
>generation, must be circumcised, including slaves born within the 
>household or bought from a foreigner not of your descent."  God told them 
>"on the eighth day" so that boys would not bleed to death is my 

But the problem of course is that the bible NO WHERE says that- and yet you 
have said that you only know what scripture says.

>Otherwise circumcision could be performed at any time and any  where they 
>choose.  Circumcision is what caused a major arguement between Moses and 
>his bride and she called him a "bloody bridgroom."

Now THATS an interesting little story!!!



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