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This lexeme is used in only three verses: Genesis 3:15, Psalm 139:11 and Job 9:17. This is a good word to ask our resident comparitive languages people, what meanings does it have in Aramaic, Accadian, etc.?

Karl W. Randolph.

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> At 10:34 AM 12/22/2004, you wrote:
> > The word for "bruise", shu&#770;ph,  is translated in a different 
> > way in other translations:
> I'm not at all sure what "shu&#770;ph" is supposed to be.  Is it 
> some reference to Strongs or the like?  If so, Strong's is not 
> exactly the best source of information on hebrew and greek word 
> meanings.  Further, to base exegesis on it instead of the Hebrew 
> text itself is sort of like eating your dinner after someone else 
> has chewed it and spit it in your mouth.
> > "From now on, you and the woman will be enemies, and your 
> > offspring and her offspring will be enemies. He will crush your 
> > head, and you will strike his heel." (New Living Translation)
> A genuinely dreadful "translation".  Its actually a paraphrase and 
> about as useful as Strongs.
> > "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between 
> > thy seed and her seed; he shall crush thy head, and thou shalt 
> > crush his heel." (Darby)
> This is just the KJV.
> > I'm not a native English speaker, but If I'm not wrong, there is 
> > a big difference between "bruise" and "crush". Which is the real 
> > meaning (or meanings) in Hebrew?
> The Hebrew word is "shuph" and means "to trample" or "to stomp".  
> Now, like everyone,  I've had my foot stepped on and a bruise left. 
>   It is not, then, a question of "either / or" here but rather 
> "both / and".  If you stomp on something hard enough you leave a 
> bruise.  "Crush" is a bit of an overstatement- but I suppose its 
> possible because if you stomp on something hard enough to bruise it 
> you might indeed crush it.
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