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> At 08:44 AM 12/22/2004, you wrote:
>>All very intersting, but my question was, why the translators took such a
>>general term as "cow" and translated it as the more narrow "heifer". Did
>>they have any reason to think that this particular cow was special in any
>>way, besides its color?
> Isn't a heifer a virgin?  And if so, it seems there would be significant 
> reasons for suggesting that this special cow was even more special.  Now 
> forgive me - because I'm not a farmer- if I'm wrong about the virgin cow 
> thing.
> Jim

You are right in that the Red Heifer needed to be a perfect and totally 
unblemished sacrifice and that means "virginal" as well.  The parah adumah 
had to be without defect and, as in humans, "service" from a male causes a 
permanent defect.


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