[b-hebrew] red heifer

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Wed Dec 22 11:00:11 EST 2004

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> All very intersting, but my question was, why the translators took such a
> general term as "cow" and translated it as the more narrow "heifer". Did
> they have any reason to think that this particular cow was special in any
> way, besides its color?

It seems to me that the red cow was something left over from the pagan 
religion of the Canaanites.  I recall that a certain goddess was called "the red cow 
of Baal", perhaps Baalath, herself,  but I would have to check that.  
Unfortunately, I am leaving on vacation today and don't have much time-- but I 
remember thinking of the "red heifer" when I read this about the goddess.  These 
deities, BTW, were also worshipped in the north of Egypt.  Anyway, the color of 
the cow seems to have had some significance.

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