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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Dec 22 08:58:27 EST 2004

On 22/12/2004 13:44, Yigal Levin wrote:

>All very intersting, but my question was, why the translators took such a
>general term as "cow" and translated it as the more narrow "heifer". Did
>they have any reason to think that this particular cow was special in any
>way, besides its color?
I would guess that the translators linked Numbers 21:2 with Genesis 15:9 
where a three-year-old animal is specified, and with Deuteronomy 21:3 
where the animal has never been worked, and so is presumably young. LXX 
has DAMALIS in each case, although not everywhere for PARAH e.g. not in 
1 Samuel 6:7. So this was the interpretation of the LXX translators, 
which in this case might give an indication of ancient practice.

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