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George F Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Wed Dec 22 04:14:04 EST 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 09:17:37 +0200 "Yigal Levin" <leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il>
> Most English translations of "Parah Adumah" (Num 19:2) give "red 
> heifer". My Webster's defines "heifer" as either a "full-grown young 
> ox" or "a young cow that has not born a calf". Presumably, it is the 
> second that is meant. 
> As far as I know, a Parah is just a cow, with no special reference 
> to its age or having had a calf. Does anyone know where the more 
> specific definition of "heifer" came from?
> Yigal Levin
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I think you are correct so far as the Hebrew is concerned, but you may be
mistaken in regard to the English.  1 Sam 6.7 reads

W:(aT.fH QfXW. Wa(a:GfLfH Xa:Df$fH )eXfT W.$:T."Y PfRoWT (fLoT )a:$eR
Lo)_(fLfH (a:L"YHeM (oL Wa)a:SaR:T.eM )eT_HaP.fRoWT B.f(a:GfLfH ***
WaHa:$"YBoTeM B.:N"YHeM M")aXa:R"YHeM HaB.fY:TfH ***

Thus it is clear that in Hebrew the PRH could have calved.  My English
dictionary (which could stand to be updated) has the definition for

"A young cow, especially one that has not yet given birth to a calf."

By saying "especially" it would indicate that a young cow which had
calved was not totally excluded.


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