[b-hebrew] Alleged meaning of ecclesia in OT

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Thanks alot - that clears it right up!

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> Dora, I'm not Karl but I think I can help.
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> > What are the meanings of:
> > QHL
> "Assembly" or "gathering." Look at: Gen 28:3 "... that you may become a
> of peoples"; Num 20:10 "Moses and Aaron QHL-ed the QHL ..." Sometimes QHL
> used especially for the worshiping assembly, as in Deut 23:3 "No Ammonite
> Moabite may enter the QHL of the LORD ..." Yet this sense is provided by
> context, not the word, which can be used for any sort of gathering, as for
> example in Num 15:15, "They QHL-ed against Moses and Aaron" (note that
> is the verb QHL, not the noun QHL in this instance).
> > LHQT
> LHQT is the "construct" or "bound" form of LHQH, which apparently means
> "company, group, band." As far as I can determine, it appears only once in
> the Tanakh, in 1 Sam 19:20, "When they saw the LHQH of the prophets
> 'prophesying' ..."
> > MW(D
> "Appointed time" or "appointed place." The phrase "tent of meeting," which
> occurs often in the Torah, is "tent of MW(D." The LXX renders )HL MW(D
> of meeting" as te skene tou martouriou, "the tent of the testimony." When
> MW(D means "appointed time," LXX appears to have mostly used kairos
> There's another Hebrew word that means something like "congregation," (DH.
> The LXX seems (in the Torah at least) to normally render QHL as ekklesia
> (DH as sunagoge ("collection, gathering, synagogue").
> > I noticed that while "ekklesia" in Greek is used to translate QHL, it is
> > never used for MW(D. Which word(s) did the translators of the LXX use
> > the latter? I thought that calling out for a meeting in Y(D was closer
> > ekkalew than QHL with its idea of assembling, unless the Greek
> > of ekklesia was necessarily a public assemblage, while MW(D could be and
> > often was a private meeting? What words did the LXX use for Y(D and
> > What other words did they use of QHL? ( QHL was not always used for a
> > out meeting or assemblage, but also refered to a collection of nations,
> > in Genesis. )
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