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>>>To find out the
>>>> >meaning, we need to establish the etymology. ...
>>> No, no, NO!!! Meaning is not established by etymology. Meaning is
>>> established by usage in context.
> I agree with Mr. Cherny for several reasons.
> 1) The structure of Hebrew suggests that at its earliest form it was a 
> designed language, which proposes that it was given to Adam by Yhwh.
> 2) Many Bible passages have multiple meanings. One often has to dig past 
> the apparent temporal or physical view to "see" the implications of the 
> underlying meaning. Formal language may be disguised by the colloquial.
> 3) Formal language is still used even after the popular language may have 
> drifted. For instance, if one were to use the word "gay" in everyday use 
> it would mean "a sexual pervert".  The same word would mean "joyous, 
> lively, brilliant" in a more formal (or even more literate) context.
> 4) I would make the supposition that Yhwh would use formal, ancient 
> meanings of words to point out hidden spiritual truths and allusions. 
> These meanings are from the etymology.

One's religious opinions should be disassociated from serious discussion of 
linguistics.  I'm sorry, but ALL of the above, including the homophobia and 
"designed language" stuff makes no sense whatsoever.

Jack Kilmon 

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