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Vincent Setterholm vincent at libronix.com
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No worries on the replies - my work has a shared folder that is subscribed, so I'll be able to eavesdrop on any public discussion of the tool. If the on-list discussion of the tool looks like I should reply on-list, I'll get myself subscribed.

The message to forward:

I've designed a Unicode biblical Hebrew keyboard layout for Windows 2000 and Windows XP users. It was created using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, so it doesn't require any third party keyboard management software.

It was specifically designed to follow the conventions of the SBL Hebrew font, so while it will work quite well with most Unicode fonts, certain characters that were supported outside the Unicode 4.0 standard - such as the reversed nun - might not display correctly in other fonts.

More information and (free) downloadable installation and documentation files can be found at:


If anyone has feedback or suggestions concerning the layout, email suggest at logos.com, and comments regarding the Hebrew keyboard will get to me.

Vincent Setterholm
Logos Bible Software

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Vincent Setterholm wrote:

> Hello, I am not subscribed to B-Hebrew, but I’ve designed a Unicode 
> keyboard layout for biblical Hebrew, and was hoping you’d forward
> this announcement to your list, as it may be of some service to your
>  community, and I’d love to get some quality feedback on the
> usability of this layout.


We'll be happy to forward this on to the b-hebrew list. However, we will
not forward relevant responses back to you; our time is very limited,
our work for b-hebrew a labor of love and it's too hard to remember to
do it.

I recommend that you subscribe to b-hebrew; it's easy; you can subscribe
to the daily digest so your email box won't be flooded and you can
simply search for responses to it. You can post your message as you wish
and then watch for responses.

To subscribe to b-hebrew, go to:


If you don't wish to do this, then here is what I recommend:

Write a message about your keyboard layout, including instructions on
where to send feedback (an email address, for example). Then email that
message to <b-hebrew at lists.ibiblio.org>. You will get a message that
your message is waiting for moderator action. I will be watching for
your message (and cc'ing the other moderators on this message), and we
will pass it on through.


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