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> HH: Thanks. It looks as though you record some claims to information. 
> Could you be more specific than "Archives, Library of Congress"? What 
> book did this information come from?
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I was born and raised six blocks from the archives of the Library of 
Congress.  As a kid I would walk there and research things.  At the time I was 
interested in chronology of the OT and Egypt.  So I researched Egyptian and Hebraic 
sources trying to synchronize these sources.  High school kids are not 
concerned about keeping account of such things.  I have my notes on Moses' 
contemperaries and things that interested me.  That's all I can tell you.  I did 
synchronize OT events with Egyptian sources.  One important thing I remember was in 
dating the Pharaohs Petree had dated them consecutively which distorted the 
times and epochs.  In many cases father and son would reign concurrently.  
Whitehouse made the same error in dating the OT kings, dating them consecutively 
instead of overlapping their reigns when it applied.  An example would be 
Amenhotep 111 suffered from leprosy and Amenhotep lV co-reigned during his illness.  
Amenhotep lV hated his father and changed his name to Akhenaton to honor of the 
sun god atum.  There are letter kept at the archives written to Akhenaton 
from Jerusalem.  I have saved dates and names that correspond to biblical times 
and Egypt.  If you are interested I am willing to share what I have.  
Researching this stuff is easy at the Congressional Library and a librarian will bring 
you all the books you request, you just can't remove them.  You can copy all 
you wish.  It's probably modernized by now and a whole lot easier.  Security 
might keep one out now.

Doug Pickrel
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, TX

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