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> Dear Doug,
> a. Why do you identify Pithum with "Horizen of Atum" (El-Amarna)?
> b. What is your source for Akhenaton being called "bitterness" by the
> Israelites?
> c. What is your source for Amonhotep III bathing in the blood of slain
> Hebrews?
> "Archives, Library of Congress, Washington, DC." is NOT a source. What
> document are you citing?
> Yigal
> My sources, b, c, came from Louis Ginsburg, late and past president of NY 
> Jewish Theological Seminary.  I found "a" information while researching 
> Egyptian and Hebraic sources in the Archives of the Library of Congress in the late 
> 1960s.  The ID of these sources have long been gone.  I have been gone from 
> Washington, DC., since the seventies.  I can't help any further then this.

Doug Pickrel
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, TX

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