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Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Dec 18 16:51:05 EST 2004

Dear Doug,

>c. 1298/9, B.C., Seti had called his military from Bodine.  Seti's entire
>army was destroyed (no reason recorded) and it took seven years for Raamses to
>rebuild the lost military.   Akhenaton buillt Pithum (Horizen of Atum) using
>slave labor.  Seti destroyed Pithum brick by brick and built the 
>city of  Raamses
>using these bricks, he too, used slave labor. Then he moved the seat of
>government to Raamses.  Akhenaton aka Amonhotep 1V  was called 
>"bitterness" by the
>Israelites.  Akhenaton's father, Amonhotep, 111, suffered from lepresy and
>would bath in the blood of slain Hebrews for treatment (Archives, Library of
>Congress, Washington, DC.)

HH: Thanks. It looks as though you record some claims to information. 
Could you be more specific than "Archives, Library of Congress"? What 
book did this information come from?

				Harold Holmyard

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