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> c. 1298/9, B.C., Seti had called his military from Bodine.  Seti's entire
> army was destroyed (no reason recorded) and it took seven years for
Raamses to
> rebuild the lost military.   Akhenaton buillt Pithum (Horizen of Atum)
> slave labor.  Seti destroyed Pithum brick by brick and built the city of
> using these bricks, he too, used slave labor. Then he moved the seat of
> government to Raamses.  Akhenaton aka Amonhotep 1V  was called
"bitterness" by the
> Israelites.  Akhenaton's father, Amonhotep, 111, suffered from lepresy and
> would bath in the blood of slain Hebrews for treatment (Archives, Library
> Congress, Washington, DC.)
> Doug Pickrel
> Tejas Valley
> San Antonio, TX
Dear Doug,

a. Why do you identify Pithum with "Horizen of Atum" (El-Amarna)?

b. What is your source for Akhenaton being called "bitterness" by the

c. What is your source for Amonhotep III bathing in the blood of slain

"Archives, Library of Congress, Washington, DC." is NOT a source. What
document are you citing?


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