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> While Ps 106.11 states that none of the Egyptians were left (unspecified 
> whole), Ex 14 does indicate that it was the chariots which had difficulty
> in the sea.  Nevertheless, it says nothing regarding the foot soldiers. 
> To say, "The pharaoh lost not his foot soldiers in the pursuit, but
> chariots, the cream of his army" is unwarranted.  The whole tone of the
> passage is that the entire army was lost.  To speculate that "The episode
> also suggests that the charioteers did not know the basic facts about
> swamps" seems to be but another attempt at a naturalistic explanation of
> the account.  It does not pretend to be based upon natural phenomena but
> upon the act of God, and any attempt to explain it as such is a
> distortion.  Now, if God is  truly God, he can do  whatever he jolly well
> pleases; but this is not the way in which we  perceive his action
> throughout history -- only in the Heilsgeschichte.  I have no reason to
> suppose that he acts differently now than he has ever acted so I take
> this as a mythological explanation of the founding of the people of
> Israel.  Since it is mythology all Israel -- even those of a later time
> -- are considered to be present.
> george
> gfsomsel
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c. 1298/9, B.C., Seti had called his military from Bodine.  Seti's entire 
army was destroyed (no reason recorded) and it took seven years for Raamses to 
rebuild the lost military.   Akhenaton buillt Pithum (Horizen of Atum) using 
slave labor.  Seti destroyed Pithum brick by brick and built the city of  Raamses 
using these bricks, he too, used slave labor. Then he moved the seat of 
government to Raamses.  Akhenaton aka Amonhotep 1V  was called "bitterness" by the 
Israelites.  Akhenaton's father, Amonhotep, 111, suffered from lepresy and 
would bath in the blood of slain Hebrews for treatment (Archives, Library of 
Congress, Washington, DC.)

Doug Pickrel
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