[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53:8 lamo

Vadim Cherny vadim_lv at center-tv.net
Sat Dec 18 12:23:43 EST 2004

Karl Randolph wrote:

> Of the 57 verses where LMW is found, the vast majority have the LMW in the ordinate state (did I name it right?), hence the vowel under the prefix L- will be lengthened. <

Vice-versa, lamo is absolute, lmo is derivative smihut form.

> Within Biblical Hebrew itself, there is no clue that the -MW suffix existed as other than a unit which, from its use, can be for a singular even though it is more often used for a plural. <

Besides the fact that all lamo refer to plural, you need to dwell into etymology of lamo to understand why it relates to plural.

Vadim Cherny

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