[b-hebrew] Alleged meaning of ecclesia in OT

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Dec 18 11:51:04 EST 2004

Dear Peter,

>>The )oHeL MoW("D is called the SKHNH MARTURIOU in the LXX.  See Ex 33.7.
>But this is a mistranslation based on a misunderstanding of MW(D. 
>This word does not mean "witness" or "testimony", from the root (WD, 
>but "congregation", from the root Y(D, as was recognised by BDB.

HH: Or tent of meeting (BDB).

>The same confusion underlies the translation of ("DW.T as 
>"testimony", also used with )OHEL for the Tabernacle, and especially 
>in Psalms 19 and 119. This word is also derived from Y(D and refers 
>to something appointed by God, rather than to a witness or testimony.

HH: Is this something new?  BDB lists eduth, (DWT, under the root 
(WD, "bear witness."

					Harold Holmyard

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